Gaming PC, Console or Apple…Which should I choose?

Before you go spending a lot of money on a Gaming PC, ask yourself if this is what you actually need? 

The alternative platforms are Apple computers or games consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation. They all have their place and in this section we will compare PC’s, Apple and Consoles. 

Gaming is all about the interactive experience delivered by the game through your computer…you want to be entertained and excited and you want the system to per- form at its best so here’s what you want when you play games. 

  • Great graphics 
  • Great sounds 
  • Control systems that feel great 
  • Reliable performance – the game needs to flow seamlessly without hanging 
  • High speed connectivity – no laggy play 
  • Interaction with your mates and the other players 

All of these features are delivered by a combination of hardware and software so you need to be sure your computer hardware will perform with the latest software.

At the end of the day there are many opinions as to which system is the best and it is your choice but here are some things to think about.


Consoles have been an alternative for many years and are popular because of their lower price and good selection of games with decent performance too. Remember that some games are restricted to certain platforms. 

Consoles are cheaper because they do not have a graphics card, instead they have an APU which is the GPU and CPU combined. With PC’s the graphics card can be swapped out for more powerful, newer graphics cards where as consoles cannot be modified. 

On average every 7 years a new line of consoles come out this means at the end of the 7 year cycle they are still using 7 year old technology. 

Game developers have to limit the FPS, drop the resolution and turn the graphics to ultra, ultra low in order for the games to even run. When new consoles come out they have brand new tech and software to run off, but even the new consoles cant handle some games at HD and 60FPS! 

In order for the price to be low, the consoles must have cheap parts in them and this is why PC seems so expensive compared to any console.

Apple Computers 

You can play games on Macs but they are not really considered to be a competitive platform for gaming. The games selection is very limited compared to Consoles and PC’s and the Apple gaming community is a lot smaller. Apple computers are not easily customisable and the performance of the games is not as good due to the hardware.

Apple also control the software releases making the game selection from independent developers limited. Because Apple computers like the iMac have limited hardware they generally don’t have good in game graphics but their screens are one of the highest resolution (up to 2880×1800) of all the laptops. 

Macs are not good for gaming if you like gaming eye candy and amazing life like graphics but for the purposes of this eBook we aren’t going to talk about Apple.


Computers have been around for years, a lot longer than consoles. Generally they are more expensive than console and similar prices to Macs. 

Apples are made only by Apple, Consoles are made by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and a couple of others but PC’s are made by lots of manufacturers for many dif- ferent types of users so their range of components is varied and this means you can really customise your machine with lots of parts available from all over the market place.

This is why you can really spec up your Gaming PC to whatever you need and keep upgrading and why they are so popular now!

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